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Trauma Therapy

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​​About Us


Lotus Rising is the manifestation of years of research into trauma healing, combined with  experiential training in yoga, clinical therapy, and an exploration into multiple trauma reprocessing modalities.

We provide counselling services for people who are experiencing


Anxiety, Depression, Flashbacks, Nightmares, Relationship Issues, Sleep Disorders, Panic Attacks, Loss of Trust, Sexual Dysfunction, Disordered Eating, and Physical Symptoms. 

What We Offer

One of the important pieces of working with relational trauma is offering choices. Each person needs to be able to work from a place which feels comfortable and authentic to their journey. 

New clients are offered a 15 minute free phone consultation to meet with a practitioner and to assess fit. This is the opportunity to share some background information, talk about therapeutic goals and present issues. 

Suite 255,
5991 Spring Garden Road
Halifax, NS
B3H 1Y6 

P:  902.478.4294
F:  902.422.0080     

"Healing is the moment that we can love and accept our 'selves,' even the most wounded, damaged and rejected parts of ourselves.  Healing is not about remembering---it's about loving our 'selves' anyway--in spite of whatever we endured." – Dr. Janina Fisher

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