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You might be wondering if online therapy is something you might be interested in...

Here are some common things to consider:

What are some of the concerns about doing online therapy? 

  • Connection - some people express concern that connection on a video platform would be different than the experience of meeting in-person. And it is - and I initially had the same concerns when I went online. My move to online counselling was strictly out of necessity to support my clients during a time of crisis. My concern was that there would be less energy, connection, and compatibility. What I have found and experienced has been profoundly different. As a therapist, I am trained to pick up on minute details in body language and facial expression. While in person is ideal, being able to see someone's whole face and to hear their tone of voice is just as effective, which is a surprise and delight for me and the work I have been grateful to continue to be able to do in these unusual times.
  • EMDR - For those considering EMDR, I have found a secure and successful platform, after much exploration and research and some wonderful clients willing to try platforms out with me. 
  • Privacy - the platform I use for therapy is safer than the platforms you may use to talk to your family and friends. Telehealth and RemotEMDR are currently what I am using for regular therapy and EMDR.

What are some of the benefits people have expressed that they enjoy in doing online therapy? 

  • We can continue during a pandemic! We can start and maintain therapy from a safe distance, regardless of restrictions in our physical jurisdiction.
  • No traffic and no parking fees. 
  • No leaving sessions and going directly into public spaces.
  • Therapy in bed! Yes, some people like the comfort of sitting on their bed (or couch, chair, at a desk), wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of tea and safe in their own space. Some people like to light a candle or incense, to play soft music, to open or draw the shades, or whatever helps you to feel comfortable and relaxed. Many people like therapy in the safety of their own home.
  • No commute time. 
  • Pets! If you have a pet, they are welcome! Pets can be a great source of comfort and sometimes humour.

Does it have to be one or the other?

  • At this time, sessions are strictly being offered online. The possibility for moving to an in-person/online option in the future will be reconsidered in the future.