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Lotus Rising Trauma Therapy

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Trauma Therapy

Whole Healing - Beyond Words.

Rates and Helpful Information

Session fees are due on the day of appointment, prior to the session.

Payment can be made in advance through e-transfer, cash, or by credit card on the appointment booking site.

Counselling Session - $125 per 55 minute session

Couples Counselling - $135 per 55 minute session

Criminal Injuries Counselling Program Clients 

If you have been approved for this program, the Department of Justice will pay up to $85 per session as a subsidy to access counselling. As an individual, you are responsible for the remainder of the session costs.

This is for individuals who have filed a police report and have been given the application from the DOJ Victim Services for people who have been a victim of crime within the past year who is currently in the criminal justice system. 

Letters of Support  

detailed letters - $125/hour

brief letters (i.e. confirmation of attendance) - $25-50 flat rate (depending on the length/detail of the letter)​

Health Insurance Coverage

Many health insurance plans will pay a percentage of the session fee. 

Each plan has different stipulations about what they will cover, how much, and to what limit. 

Please contact your provider about your specific plan details, as your therapist does not have access to your personal plan information. 

Some key questions to ask your insurance provider may include: 

  • does my plan cover the services of a Registered Social Worker approved by the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers as a Licensed Private Practitioner? 
  • How much coverage do I have each year? What are the beginning and end dates of each fiscal year?
  • Does my plan cover 100% of the amount or do I have to pay a portion of each visit?
  • Do I require a physician's referral to qualify for coverage? 
  • How do I submit my claim for reimbursement? 
  • Can my therapist direct bill? 

Please note: Clinical social work services may be claimed through the Medical Expense Credit (METC) on your Income Tax . Visit www.cra.gc.ca/medical to learn more about how to claim the METC.